Cheery O

Earlier this morning, I was reading here about the LA Kings’ victory over the Boston Bruins last night.

There was something in the article that caught my eye. It was the following: Smyth gave the Kings a 1-0 lead at 10:50 of the first period, ending an 0-for-22 power-play drought that spanned the previous seven games.

In spoken conversation, I often hear people say “O”–as in the 15th letter of the alphabet–instead of saying the number “zero.” I know that people usually write the way they speak or hear phrases. One example that comes to mind is “should of” in lieu of “should have.”

Rather than writing “a 0 (zero)-for-22,” the author penned “an O (letter)-for-22” more than likely as a result of replacing the number zero with the letter O.

I’m not sure how this convention of replacing zero with O arose, but I’m certainly glad the Kings finally managed to score a power play goal. Go Kings!

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