David Kato’s Tragic Story

All David Kato wanted was equal rights for everyone in Uganda regardless of sexual orientation. He fought hard to defend human rights for everyone. Instead, what happened to him is beyond comprehension.

Mr. Kato was murdered at his home with a hammer by an unidentified person. He was murdered because he was outed by a tabloid magazine calling itself Rolling Stone–not the music publication in the US. Next to his picture along with 99 other people identified as homosexuals was the headline, “Hang them.”

You can read about his tragic story here, here, here and here.

The sad reality is that Uganda is not a country that is tolerant when it comes to the issue of sexual preference. When you have evangelical groups and magazines inciting violence, it will not take much for someone to act on it.

It is deeply disturbing when the editor of the magazine says, “We want the government to hang people who promote homosexuality, not for the public to attack them,” and when a minister of ethics and integrity tells homosexuals they “can forget about human rights.”

If Uganda passes the Anti-Homosexuality bill, it will certainly be a step in the wrong direction towards progress in the country. It will do nothing but add to the hate and attract violence to people whose only crime is they are living in a country that doesn’t recognize their rights as human beings.

The Ugandan government must launch an immediate investigation to find Mr. Kato’s killer along with any conspirators and bring those people to justice. In addition, if Uganda wants to take a positive step in the right direction, it will not pass the Anti-Homosexuality bill and protect the rights of ALL its citizens instead of singling out those who are different.

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