Vanity Plates

You know those vanity license plates people have the option of purchasing for their cars, instead of affixing a boring state-issued one? Often times, I’ll read a clever one because it’s very direct, or I’ll read one that leaves me scratching my head because I can’t determine its message.

Yesterday, I read two of them that seemed obvious. The first one was “STANFAM,” while second one read “VRROUM.”

It got me to thinking about the vanity plate one of my former bosses had for her car. I am going to omit the first two letters so as not to give away too much information. Part of my former boss’s vanity plate read “AGWOOD.”

At first, I couldn’t determine what it meant. But as I got to thinking, it finally hit me. In order to figure out what her vanity plate meant, you would need to know her last name, which is Silverwood. If you did well memorizing the periodic table in your high school chemistry course, you will recall that Ag is the symbol for silver.

While her plate is clever, it’s still very esoteric. I don’t think many people are able to decipher the plate unless they know her full name–remember, i omitted the first two letters–and remember that Ag is silver. If i didn’t know her and read her plate while sitting in traffic, I wouldn’t be able to make any sense of it.

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