Two and One

Maybe I’m old school, but something didn’t jive with me when I saw the “Two is better than one” commercial from Apple.

In terms of subject-verb agreement, I would have preferred the slogan to be: “Two are better than one.” From my point of view, I interpreted it as two cell phones are better than one rather than the number two is better than the number one or better yet, “Having two cell phone carriers for the iPhone4 is better than having only one.”

Is two necessarily better than one? I guess it depends on the context, but I do know two is greater than one. In fact, two is twice the value of one.

What’s the point of this entry? There’s no point, really. I just felt like getting this thing off my chest. Now that I have completed my extremely elementary math course, I’ll be on my way.

One thought on “Two and One

  1. are two cancers better than one? how about two heart attacks? more valid to the story, is, what about two cell phone bills? two audits, two foreclosures, two car wrecks, or the most important, two pounds of tripe?

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