Save the Planet

Oliver has a message for all of us this Vietnamese New Year. It’s a simple three letter acronym: STP. No, he’s not talking about the music band Stone Temple Pilots, although that would be very cool since I liked a lot of their early stuff, but I digress. His message is quite simple: Save the Planet. A couple of years ago, I wrote an entry here about opting out of junk mail. His entry is a great way to bring it up again. Thanks, Oliver!

This Vietnamese New Year, we need to start doing a better job of saving the planet. This planet is the only one we have right now, and caring for it is becoming ever more critical as industrialization takes root around the world.

Here are some simple steps you can take that are easy, will make a difference, and declutter your life for the better.

Opt out of killing millions of trees by ceasing delivery of the Yellow Pages to your home, as well as saving on the delivery costs to the environment. You probably get many of the same types of Yellow Pages multiple times a year. Remember, all this info is now better updated and maintained online anyway.

Get rid of all that crappy junk mail. Most of the ridiculous ads are a waste of paper, insultingly stupid, and an invasion of your personal mailbox space. DMA will allow you to opt out of credit card offers, catalogs, and junk mail.

Sign various petitions here.

Sign a specific junk mail petition here.

Stay strong, live long.

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