Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It doesn’t look like Hosni Mubarak is leaving Egypt anytime soon after announcing he will not step down as president. His speech didn’t please the thousands of protestors in Tahrir Square who wanted him to resign–not re-sign–his leadership position.

One thing that he didn’t address was the issue of human rights in the country during his 30 year rule.

He’ll continue to have “F-16 fighters, naval vessels, air defense missiles, and surveillance radar” at his disposal since the U.S. has decided not to cut its aid to him.

What does that mean for Egyptian citizens? As long as Mubarak is still in power, “government sponsored or tolerated attacks, arbitrary detention, and torture and other ill-treatment” as well as “violations of the rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly” will continue to be the norm.

Stand strong, citizens of Egypt, and continue voicing your displeasure vociferously. Let the government know you want change, and you want that change now! Solidarity!

Update: It looks like the Egyptian voices were heard. There is a report that Hosni Mubarak will resign as president of Egypt.

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