Let’s Get This Party Started

The party has only just begun. Egypt made their voices heard, but let’s not forget that Yemen wants what Egypt achieved.

Unfortunately, there are a few hurdles in the way that you can read about here, here and here.

Shame on the security forces for their “continued assaults, intimidation, and beatings” on peaceful demonstrators. They have attacked the demonstrators with batons and tasers.

Witnesses also told Human Rights Watch they saw security forces beat a youth on his head, causing bloodshed, and then arrested him. Security forces arrested several young demonstrators, including two who appeared to protesters to have been severely beaten.

Syria wants to have their own party, but it might be more of a challenge to get all the invites out. The governments of both countries are more interested in preserving their own power–not a surprise–rather than allow their own citizens to exercise their rights to demand change.

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