When Bahrain Attacks

Should we be surprised by the Bahraini government’s response to the demonstrations taking place within the country? It makes perfect sense to respond with violence on peaceful demonstrators whose only demands include respecting human rights and having true democracy. It also makes even more sense to use that violence against children and the elderly.

The past two days, people were protesting in Pearl Square, tens of thousands of people, children, men and women, calling for reform and democracy and respect for human rights. Unfortunately, today, morning, at 3:00, 3:30 in the morning, the riot police and special forces attacked the protesters. And many of the protesters, as you know, are children and old men and women and young people. So, among those people, we have many, many injuries. At least two dead confirmed so far, but we expect to see more. – Nabeel Rajab

The government’s response is not a surprise at all, considering that it’s desperate knowing very well what happened in Tunisia and Egypt. When people challenge concentrated forms of power, violence is the usual response–even if the victims are young and old.

The Bahraini government’s response is not just cowardly, it’s also disturbing. These actions are often reserved for hostile forces, not for your own citizens who are protesting peacefully. It shows the fundamental lack of progress in the country–progress the very same victims are demanding and urgently need.

One thought on “When Bahrain Attacks

  1. I sincerely hope that Middle East protests do not become passe. I already see the media not covering them, or giving them the airtime they deserve. Egypt seemed to be their big story, and all the networks were covering it. Now the lesser known struggles are simply put behind, American Idol, Dancing with singing dogs, fat people crying about losing weight, or celebrities on drugs following Donald Trump around. The Bahrain story should carry some weight because of the violence, but I guess the sheeple, in America are done with it. One hillbilly told me that Egypt was a “the towel head revolution”, and he looked forward to it being over, and people not discussing it during his bowling league. Now I like to bowl, but I also feel that this revolution stuff is important. Class war is coming, class war is coming.

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