Need Sleep

I read this article on how about a third of Americans aren’t sleeping enough.

The one thing I noted from the article is how the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) “recommends seven to nine hours of sleep per day for adults and 10 to 11 hours for school-age children.” However, cramming all that sleep together at once might not be the best way to sleep.

Last week, I wrote about biphasic sleeping, which is considered the “most natural sleep pattern,” and its benefits. A search for biphasic sleep on the NSF website yielded no results. I shouldn’t be surprised though. It might be hard to convince people to turn off their lights, televisions, game systems, computers, etc. in exchange for a good night’s sleep.

One thought on “Need Sleep

  1. When humans are described as biphasic it means that we are programmed for two periods of rest in a 24 hour period. Your description of biphasic is not the generally accepted idea. Humans have 2 periods of natural drowsiness in a 24 hour period – 1 in the early morning (when we are usually asleep) and another in the afternoon (which most people associate with lunch – not correct though). At those times the body temperature drops leading to drowsiness. It is recommended that people take a brief nap at the beginning of their ideal nap window to beat the afternoon slump. we should aim to achieve 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and take a brief nap during the day. If your readers would like to know more I would recommend a new site ( which has worked with leading scientists to put together a sleep test and sleep training programme online. All the best and keep up the good work and good posts.

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