Fettering Tibetans

Not wanting to let China have all the fun, Nepal has decided to disrespect the rights of Tibetans.

The Nepal authorities have already started employing similar tactics to silence the Tibetan community this week. On the morning of 8 March 2011, a group of approximately thirty Tibetans were prevented by police from travelling to Namo Buddha, a Buddhist pilgrimage site in Kavre district as part of Losar (Tibetan New Year) celebrations. The group, mainly consisting of elderly women and children, had hired a bus to pick them up from the Tibetan refugee centre at Ekantakuna, Lalitpur but were not allowed to board by police. When the group asked why they were being stopped the police stated they were ‘following orders from the Home Ministry’. No legal reason was given. Such restrictions on individuals’ freedom of movement is not only unjustified but is also illegal under domestic and international law.

It looks like Nepal is doing a little sucking up to its friend China. It’s either that, or Nepalese authorities truly have issues with elderly women and children? I think it’s the former.

Hey, Nepal, after you remove your head from China’s ass, how’s about both countries try relaxing and being cool with their Tibetan friends?

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