Love for the Jobless

Hey D.C., where is your love for the jobless? Paul Krugman seems to think you are more concerned about budget deficits than the millions of unemployed even though “polls indicate that voters still care much more about jobs than they do about the budget deficit.”

I still don’t know why the Obama administration was so quick to accept defeat in the war of ideas, but the fact is that it surrendered very early in the game. In early 2009, John Boehner, now the speaker of the House, was widely and rightly mocked for declaring that since families were suffering, the government should tighten its own belt. That’s Herbert Hoover economics, and it’s as wrong now as it was in the 1930s. But, in the 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama adopted exactly the same metaphor and began using it incessantly.

Oh, wow, did you hear that? Tightening your belt is so Hoover economics! Consider yourselves served!

If the government wants to tighten its belt on anything, maybe military spending would be a good first step. Then perhaps the billions from that cut can be allocated to address the issue of job creation.

One thought on “Love for the Jobless

  1. Trung….my man…. the worst part about your blog is this! Krugman is perceived as a radical now. Have you noticed over the last two or three years he has guested on numerous mainstream media talk shows and the rest of his co-guests speak down to him. Paul makes very short and simple logical statements pertaining to real economic analysis, and the political guests shout over him basically telling him that he is ineffective at making effective policy suggestions. ! Hello ! When did Krugman get pushed out of the mainstream? This guy is no post-Keynesian, no Marxist, no institutionalist, he doesn’t subscribe to experimental economics, game theory, new-institutionalism, or any other of the fringe specialty groups. In fact Krugman’s actual economic theories are straight from the neo-classical doctrine, even though his opinion column and best selling books are quite left leaning in political stance. What can we say? Two things. ONE- the truth doesn’t sell, people would rather hear incorrect arguments and comfortable lies, because this is easier to deal with and more entertaining. TWO- if you come out against the republican party agenda you must be a crazy wacko liberal that shouldn’t be trusted and your national pride should be suspect, because you are an internal threat to the company, I mean nation.

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