This poem is an anonymous submission. It makes me wonder if I can sync music from The Dark Side of the Moon to this poem I will call Transmission. Probably not. Thanks anonymous person who submitted it.

Third World War
Third round

Two decades of the weapon of sound above ground
No shelter if you’re looking for shade
I lick shots at the brutal charade

As the polls close like a casket, our truth devoured
Silent play in the shadow of power

A spectacle, monopolized
The camera’s eyes on choice disguised.
Was it cast for the mass that burn and toil?
Or the vultures that thirst for blood and oil?
Yes, a spectacle, monopolized

They hold the reigns, stole your eyes
All the fistagons, the bullets and bombs
Who stuff the banks, who staff the party ranks

More for gore or the son of a drug lord?
None of the above, cut the cord
Who’s got him?
Check the federal file
All you pen devils know the trial was vile

Army of pigs try to silence our style
Off em’ all and change the dial
It has to start somewhere, sometime
What better place than here?
What better time?

Digest the digress
Under the press
Start making sense to get rid of this mess

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