Taking a Look at Things

It has been quite some time since we have heard from our good friend Oliver. He hasn’t been hibernating due to the cold weather. No, he has been busy with his life, but he was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to send me an entry. I thought to myself there’s no better way to end all this madness in March than with an entry from him. Much Thanks to Oliver!

Forget Unions, Forget Politics, Forget What You Hear In The News, Forget Why You Might Be Here Today, and Let’s Take A Look At What The Hell Is Going On.

Basically we are all humans–you, me, the people on television, everyone. What do we do in all the time we are here before we cease to exist? Well, in this country and in many others, we come in, we are cared for in some manner, we go to school, we acquire enough skills to start taking care of our basic needs, and then when that learning or training is completed for the most part, we spend the rest of our lives engaged with our occupations, our families, our work and then we die.

You could say that it is more complex than this, but to what end? Sure, we could spend the rest of our lives quantifying every symbolic act and how we feel about it or why we do it.

Where am I going with this? Well, even more than sleeping, we spend most of our time working, and most of this work is done outside the home for the vast majority of us. So, why do we do this again? Well, humans are born into a society that has arranged itself this way, and every influence on personal development is in support of the way things are. Morality, religion, the concept of time, education, social provisioning, and almost life itself is measured by the same means in which we have come to quantify things for economic analysis.

I intend here and now to grasp very metaphysically what the controlling factors of society are and raise questions while doing that. Is what we are doing making any sense? Are we influenced to perform actions based on anything that is self serving? Is the current organization of society understandable anymore, or has it evolved into a mechanism that has gotten off track compared to its own intentions?

What is a Union?
Forget the laws that change continually. They may or may not be enforceable or may be strictly out of date compared to the changes in the organization of production. A union, simply put, is the workers; it is comprised of workers that have social relations with each other that are stronger relative to the social relations with their supervisors or the owning and controlling interests.

Humans are social creatures that have needs and wants. Very early on, they counted on reciprocity between one another to achieve their needs and wants. Ownership developed out of surpluses due to technology and originally was controlled through force but now is controlled through laws and social consensus.

The ownership system is a system that thrives under capitalism because of its accumulating nature. Power of control over goods and labor accumulates as capital accumulates. Unions, which just want to meet their needs against countervailing capital interest, are people. In an effort to meet their needs, they have formed a consensus that they must trade their working lives for specific values determined inside the system that allows them to obtain their original goals, so unions have been in existence forever. The current structure, laws and internal organization of contemporary so-called “unions” is just a necessary formality to fit these human reciprocity communities into the terms of today.

So what does this mean really? Unions are basically people; unions are social groups of workers, and this is a good thing because you can’t destroy it. Sure, individuals can be killed, but you can’t kill all people. They will continue. You can’t kill relationships between people because people will still talk to one another, and humans will still be social. Whether groups of human workers are formal and institutionalized like modern day unions, or if they are informal, underground, subversive and unseen, they will always be there.

What are Politics? And who are Corporations?
Well, politics and corporations are nothing. While legal protection has been granted to political power and corporate entities, they are simply symbolic constructs, vehicles in which one or few humans can control more power and capital from a protected position.

A firm is not real. It does not eat; it cannot talk; you cannot touch it; it only exists in the mind. A corporation is vastly made up of its workers and very few owners that get to control some productivity and organization. It is essentially a term that represents a group of labor and assets; humans are the labor, and the stuff that humans make is the assets. Once again, the corporation is only a system in which humans and human-created things are managed.

So who really controls this system? Individual owners–not typically–and capital controllers like banks and investors–not entirely–given the most common corporate situation. No one human actually possesses the control to dominate this institution.

The corporation is generally raided by hosts, seeking to increase specific measures of performance that have been deemed socially beneficial to itself. These measures have been summoned by itself, again, where no one human is in control; therefore, the ever changing goals of the institution are usually determined by the ever changing hosts’ self-serving interests.

The political arena operates in the same way. Power over the institution is shared or rather uncontrollable. There is no effective consensus in politics because the larger the political entity, the less manageable it is. Similar to the corporation, with many backseat drivers and no one at the helm, the consensus of what to do is measured by its marginally scheming hosts, which are chosen with the same randomness.

Both politics and corporations promote leaders in and out of fractional power, and these leaders are cyclically intertwined and always from the same class, the owning or not working class of humans. Unlike the social constructs defining workers’ human collectiveness, the political and corporate systems are not real and therefore have to be justified continually much like any other symbolic construct, otherwise popularity will forcibly decline its effectiveness.

And enter today. What are we doing?
Well, we are all working, but we can’t really seem to figure out why, except we were told and conditioned into thinking this is what we should do. We see others in society try not working, and they are dealt within ways that are harmful to human existence.  We get into the routine of doing something and we like to keep it that way for the sake of simplicity. We have a good idea that society is not the way it should be. In fact we do not even need for anyone to tell us this.

No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone has one criticism or another about things, and they generally all lead back to the common theme of society as being quite ineffective for humans. Whether it be that we punish instead of educate, poison ourselves instead of heal, we understand that we have arrived at irony.

We humans, who need basic stuffs, are having our lives directed by made up ideas. We are under the control of institutions that are attacking our human nature. We created something out of thin air; an idea that was allowed to take off.  Now this idea is the machine that is running us, instead of us running the machine.

Some lucky people live on top of the machine and can get it to do things for them sometimes, but every human realizes it needs to be put to rest or reprogrammed. Even the elite of the elite classes don’t argue with the destruction of the earth, poverty, sickness, or unreasonable suffering, specifically when it comes to how to deal with unions today.

People are under assault from ideological constructs. The made-up paper corporations and their corresponding public moral enforcement agency is trying to break up human relationships. A human idea has developed and evolved to pursue power and is seeking to destroy all that are a threat to it, even itself.

We are all humans, so why are we enslaving ourselves? Why are we allowing ourselves to be dictated in these terms? If unions, a formal representation of worker-human association, are outlawed and assaulted by violence, what is next? Will there be an attack on informal organizations between workers or people outside work?

We have been accustomed to working. We are here to work. Will we be allowed only one social relationship with a dominant supervisor? Maybe we should stop working?  We don’t feel that it is right most of the time. Often we don’t enjoy it, and there are many other things we would rather do.

Will we sit alone and wait for the call, enslaved by our own society’s hijacked ideas?  When will we humans wake up and say, “I quit! Take this job, this lame idea of capitalism, this oppressive manufactured society, these threats of violence, these other lies and shove them up your ass, world!?”

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