Cù Huy Hà Vũ

Yesterday was the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assissination. On the other side of the world in Việt Nam, it also marked the beginning of Cu Huy Ha Vu’s trial. I didn’t know much about Cu Huy Ha Vu until I read about him here and here.

As is always the case, when someone who is a peaceful defender of “cultural, environmental, and human rights” starts to challenge the status quo, the government will find a way to marginalize that person. The Vietnamese government chooses to do so by crafting and designing crappy laws that specifically target “political and religious dissidents.”

Here’s an important question. Will Mr. Vu receive a fair and impartial trial? Probably not because the crappy laws favor the government’s case. I urge the Vietnamese government to release Mr. Vu so he may continue doing his important work, but I’m sure it will fall on deaf ears.

I’m gonna say it anyway. Release, Cu Huy Ha Vu!

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