Introducing Marx

I hate to admit it, but I don’t know much about Karl Marx. At least not much about his writings and ideas. I haven’t read Das Kapital nor have I read Manifesto of the Communist Party, or his many other works.

What I have heard about Marx is usually the same rhetoric, often a derisive comment about Marx and communism. I wonder to myself though: Do the people who make these derogatory statements even know what Marx wrote or even have an elementary understanding of his works? If so, please explain to me why calling someone Marxist is supposed to elicit negative connotation.

I have heard from people who have actually studied Marx argue that dictators such as Stalin and Mao used Marxist ideas liberally; that is, they pluck and chose to use certain fragments to help benefit their ideology. Marx would probably disavow what they thought and disagree with them.

The reason for bringing up Karl Marx is because I read a good piece on him today. I thought I would share the article with my readers, then maybe you can make your own informative decision on whether being called Marxist is a good or bad thing. You can read the piece here. Enjoy!

One thought on “Introducing Marx

  1. Marx- is just an amateur, over-worshiped and under-concluded. His ideas stop progressing after a workers revolution. He had faith that technology and progressive advancement is a good thing. He thought that control of an ever expanding society will be recaptured by the working classes and an egalitarian society would emerge. In his time he may have caught much attention, but other writers had a much more thorough concept of where society needs to head, or rather retreat. John Ruskin and HD Thoreau, understood, that society would not always be a classist industrial economy, rather many options were available and only one was sustainable for the earth as well as humanity. Marx’s notoriety comes from the fact that his popularity was hijacked, and then misconstrued into powerful places as a reason for holding domination. True intellectualism is better described by a man Marx should have paid more attention to, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

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