Police Crimes

What happens when you take concentrated power such as the police force and combine it with drug and criminal gangs? Well, in the case of Mexico, you discover mass graves containing over 120 bodies.

That’s what happened in Tamaulipas after authorities arrested 16 police officers “accused of working with gang members responsible for mass killings.”

The mass graves were found last week in San Fernando municipality in Tamaulipas state, in the north of the country, where drug trafficking and other criminal gangs operate. The 16 officers arrested are all local municipal police.

Information on the identity of victims remains scarce, but it seems likely that they were not connected with drug gangs. Tamaulipas is also part of the route travelled by Mexican and non-Mexican migrants on their way to the USA.  At least some of the victims are believed to have been forced from long-haul buses at gunpoint at the end of March.

This activity shows how absolute power leads to absolute corruption. Police officers are given the power/task of protecting people, not hurting them. When you give them that much power and authority, they can start abusing, which is what happened in this case.

As Amnesty International has stated correctly, an “impartial and prompt investigation” needs to be opened in order to assure justice for the victims.

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