Loving Real Estate

For many men in China looking to marry a beautiful woman, the key to her heart may lie in whether the man can provide proof of home ownership. An article from the New York Times covers how women in China are looking to meet eligible bachelors who are not only successful, but wealthy, too. And the way to proving that wealth is through “real property.” It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, “no money, no honey.”

Although there are few concrete ways to measure the scope of involuntary bachelorhood, more than 70 percent of single women in a recent survey said they would tie the knot only with a prospective husband who owned a home.

The NYT piece discusses how the real-estate market in China has exploded in the past eight years–as much as 800 percent. This explosion has driven up housing prices, which means there is “a generation of young people whose sole ambition is to have a piece of property under their name.”

I guess real estate has supplanted cell phones as the way to engage in conspicuous consumption; at least in terms of ending one’s bachelorhood.

Not all is lost on true love though. For Liu Binbin, he went on 20 “unfulfilling blind dates” before he met his true love. Said Mr. Liu, “The whole time she thought I didn’t own an apartment and she still wanted me. Someone like that is rare.”

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