Making the Right Vote

If you want to work for Koch Industries, you better register for the Republican Party. A new article from Mark Ames and Mike Elk that was published in The Nation magazine discuses letters they obtained that were sent out from the Koch brothers detailing the consequences employees could face “if you don’t vote Republican.”

Mr. Ames and Mr. Elk joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! for an interview to talk about their article, “Big Brothers: Thought Control at Koch.”

Among some of the topics up for discussion: politicizing the work place, how it can be dangerous to say no to your boss, Citizens United, and being forced to attend meetings–all so the Kochs can force their ideas on to you.

And what exactly can happen if you don’t vote Republican and/or speak out against this thought control? Well, you can probably kiss any chances of getting a raise or promotion good bye. In fact, you probably kiss your job good bye.

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