Woman Beaten Badly While Employees Watch

A good friend of mine sent me the link to this article about a transgender woman who was attacked in a Baltimore McDonald’s.

After viewing the video, I must say that I’m appalled not just by the viciousness of the attack, but also by how the McDonald’s employees stood there just watching this poor woman being beaten badly. Only twice did I see two people even make an attempt to aid Ms. Chrissy Lee Polis, the 22-year-old victim.

The McDonald’s franchise owner has fired the employee who recorded the video, but how does he and the company plan on dealing with the other employees who stood there and watched this attack take place. Are they not just as complicit in the attack as the two women who carried it out?

How do we as a nation address the intolerance that still exists to this very day?

There’s no question Ms. Polis was a victim of a hate crime. Human beings think we are so advanced and developed with our gizmos and gadgets, but we are still backwards thinking when we allow something like this to happen. It may be the 21st century according to our calendars, but I’m afraid we’re still living in the dark ages unless we are willing to educate ourselves and leave behind our hate.

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