Camp North Korea

Amnesty International has published a story regarding political prison camps in North Korea. The information comes from satellite images and testimonies from former prisoners who were lucky enough to escape and from guards.

Among some of the startling revelations taking place in the prisons: forcing prisoners to work in slave-like conditions, public executions and an estimated population of 200,000 political prisoners

Kim Jong-il has never struck me as the type of person who has ever supported or even adhered to human rights, and I have no doubt his son, Kim Jong-un, who has been appointed his successor, will follow closely in his father’s footsteps. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these prison camps are set up to silence any type of dissent.

The story is disturbing on a couple of fronts. First is the reason why people are being sent to these prisons in the first place. The second is the guilt-by-association charges. Exacerbating the wrongful imprisonment of the political prisoners is their inhumane treatment at these political prison camps. It is very unsettling to say the very least since the prisoners’ confinement is, more likely than not, a result of expressing an opinion or belief for progressive change.

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