An Apple a Day

For those people looking forward to using their newly purchased iPhone or iPad, you’ll be happy to know that your Apple product was not built from workers who committed suicide. I guess that’s one reason to sleep better at night.

An investigation by two NGOs discovered that plants in China that make the iPhone and iPad are requiring workers to sign “no suicide pacts.” You can read about the story here and here.

Why would anyone want to harm himself or herself in this type of manner? After all, you are making millions of people happy by making Apple products in order to meet the high demand of these sought-after gadgets. I guess workers hate working at these plants, like Foxconn, because of  the horrendous working conditions including: excessive overtime, little-to-no days off, public diatribes, standing for long periods of time, no talking while working and living in crowded living quarters.

As someone who owns Apple products, I have to say that I feel terrible for using products from a company that, on the surface, “requires suppliers to commit to our comprehensive supplier code of conduct as a condition of their contracts with us,” yet continues to do business with the very same companies that treat workers so inhumanely.

Perhaps it’s time for me to “Think Different” by purchasing and using products from another company; at least ones that adhere to treating workers or doing business with companies that treat their employees well.

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