Regulating Education

Charles Koch believes in an unregulated free market so much that he’s teaming up with Florida State University (FSU) to help spread the word. Mr. Koch is donating $1.5 million to FSU’s economics department, with one catch: “His representatives get to screen and sign off on any hires for a new program promoting ‘political economy and free enterprise.'”

I guess it’s okay–in this case–for Mr. Koch to violate the free market principles in which he and his brother are strong advocates by regulating who teaches at FSU as long as that person pushes strongly for free enterprise and nothing else.

So much for academic freedom. When donors are allowed to decide who teaches at universities, we are walking a dangerous line because it gives donors power to push their own agendas rather than uphold the very foundation upon which our schools are built: freedom of inquiry by students and teachers.

One thought on “Regulating Education

  1. We know that the wealthy owners of capital have corrupted the integrity of business schools for years, if not decades, or centuries. But Economics is supposed to be a science. What if Monsanto went into a major university’s agriculture department and told them that their funding would be tied to the re-writing the laws of nature? Wait a minute, they already do! Most economics and political science departments are beholden to their corporate masters, its just that these departments usually are not i the spotlight of corporate philanthropy. The interesting part of this story to me is that big business tycoons are now looking past the B-school and all the way into the previously boring economics department. Look into the future for a completely different type of educated myth and the erasing of valuable historical theory. If we can perpetuate this charade for much longer is the real question, neo-liberalist state sponsored corporate capitalism is now embarking on building, not just a house out of cards, but an enormous mansion. !!!!!

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