Revolving-Door Rewards

I guess we all know the reason why the FCC approved the merger between NBC and Comcast. Meredith Attwell Baker, who currently works at the FCC, will be leaving in June to join NBC/Comcast as Senior Vice President of Government of Affairs. Ms. Baker has certainly secured herself a nice job, four months after she approved this merger that many believe will have consequences against consumers. It’s just the latest round of revolving door employment as government employees are rewarded with cushy jobs, oops, I mean offered positions with private-sector companies that they have helped.

2 thoughts on “Revolving-Door Rewards

  1. Yes, again, to build a house of cards you only need a few people. To build a subdivision of mansions out of cards, all the right people have to be in the right place at the right time. Corporate-State revolving doors are nothing new. But doesn’t this teach us something? That we should have no faith in either to serve our needs. When this calamity ensues, and it causes market disruption, media collapses, creates widespread unemployment, and drastically increases the cost of quality communication and information beyond the ability for most people to afford, who will bear the cost? The politicians and their corporate friends, will be looking down through their private jet windows to survey the damage.

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