Caring for the Unemployed

This guest blog is courtesy of our good friend Oliver. Thanks so much for the continuing contributions.

Our government is purposely creating a permanent underclass in order to supply cheap labor for business.

Business needs workers that will essentially behave like slaves. Business needs human fodder that will accept any working conditions and will depend on their employment to the extreme that they will sacrifice their own individual choices for the companies. One of the keys to this situation is to constantly use the fear of poverty and unemployment to keep employees willing to give up their idea of self in order to survive. After all, job growth would lead to options in the worker’s mind. The worker needs to have no other options for the employer to ultimately control him and manipulate his perception.

The story being sold to those who have money to invest is a decidedly different story than reality. It’s almost as if Wall Street is trying to solicit funds from the middle class. Wall Street wants to go on a gambling binge again but doesn’t want to use its own money. Get the middle class to let go of their hard earned retirement dollars again by feeding them good news. Then they will gamble it away, the truth will make the market collapse again, and voila!, the middle class will get one step closer to the underclass.

According to the figures released last week by the Department of Labor, the economy added 244,000 jobs in March. Analysts used terms like “surprisingly strong,” “better than expected” and “somewhat positive” to describe the statistic. On the other hand, economist Robert Reich described the number as “chicken feed,” noting that, “We’d need 300,000 a month, every month for the next five years, simply to get unemployment back under 6 percent.” Economic Policy Institute economist, Heidi Shierholz, concurs: “At April’s job growth rate, it would take until the fall of 2016 to get back to the pre-recession unemployment rate.”

“The percent of working-age Americans actually working is stuck at 64.2 percent.”

“High school graduates under age 25 have had a jobless rate of nearly 22 percent in the past year. For young college graduates, the rate has been 9.6 percent, about the same as high school graduates over age 25…Among the jobless, 43.4 percent have been out of work for more than six months.” (Bloice)

My sneaking suspicion is that younger workers will not tolerate this system, the middle class will stop putting their money in the market and the permanent underclass will give up on the traditional workplace and find their own means of personal production.

Reference: Carl Bloice, editorial for, May 12, 2011

One thought on “Caring for the Unemployed

  1. Remember if your unemployed don’t fall for the going back to school scam that for-profit universities are selling. They have 12% of the college students in the nation and produce 44% of the defaults on student loans. Some also have graduation completions of less than 9% of their student body, meaning once you get in and get into debt you’ll realize the scam, quit and be straddled with massive amounts of new debt. Good, two year, directly applicable to the job market, degree and training programs are available at your community college for less than half of the price of the online rip-off colleges!

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