Getting Wise to the Lies

Judy Ancel, one of the two Missouri labor professors about whom I wrote here a few weeks ago, recently joined Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! to discuss the video chop shop attacks against her and her colleague, Don Giljum. Let’s listen in to Judy’s and Amy’s conversation as they discuss the resulting fallout from everything that took place. Also, here is web exclusive interview they did following the end of the show.

One thought on “Getting Wise to the Lies

  1. my worst fear is that this debacle is far from over. in the wake of a declining organized labor America, attacks like this are in effect kicking someone while they are down. due to the recent success of this isolated incident along with the fairly positive media coverage of Wisconsin, and the general public’s acceptance for the possible return of organized labor, where are union’s headed with their organizational efforts? They have been decreasing their organizing budgets steadily the last 10 to 20 years and funding political campaigns that have turned their back on them or forgot about their promises. the time is ripe for AEIOU – Agitate, Enlist, Identify, Organize, Union! Passive resistance will sabotage the unwilling employers.

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