Deceptive Phone Calls

I read this story here about how police shut down a telemarketing company due to many of its employees pretending to be disabled in order to push the company’s products. I couldn’t help but wonder if the person at the top of the company was arrested.

According to the story, “90 percent of the telemarketers working for the company would make calls pretending to be disabled in order to play on the emotions of the customers, and then cash in.”

If 90 percent of the employees–it turns out 80 percent were not disabled–were engaging in this type of fraudulent behavior, I wouldn’t find it hard to imagine that person at the top of this telemarketing company was encouraging this fraudulent practice of deceiving customers.

There’s no doubt the employees at the company took advantage of their information asymmetry. After all, they knew the status of their health to deceive the customers who bought these products thinking they were helping keep people with disabilities employed.

Sadly, as a result of the company’s closure, many of the employees who actually have a disability find themselves without a job due to the recklessness of their former coworkers.

Not everyone there was bad though. One former employee quit after her second day on the job because she was “very sick to her stomach” after speaking with customers on the phone.

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