No Cheers, Just Jeers

I had not heard of Silsbee High School . . . until now. I received information about a petition regarding Silsbee the other day. Here is the background on the story. A student, who we’ll call H.S., accused a star basketball player, who we’ll call Rakheem Bolton, for raping her. Mr. Bolton did plead guilty “to a lesser assault charge.”

As it turns out, H.S. is a cheerleader and has refused to cheer Mr. Bolton’s name, along with the rest of the cheerleaders, when he shoots free throws. Since H.S. has refused to cheer Mr. Bolton’s name–you know, he did plead guilty to attacking her, after all–school officials decided to throw her off the cheerleading squad. I’m not sure I quite understand the lack of compassion in this case. How can someone honestly think a woman would cheer for someone who she has accused of raping her?

If you would like to sign the petition to demand the school officials at Silsbee allow H.S. back on the cheerleading squad and not force her to cheer for her accused raper, and to send a penny to the school to help with the legal fund, click here.

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