People have found ways to demostrate their wealth via consumption in ways such as through clothing, automobiles, homes and so forth. Now, we can add “executive protection dogs” to the mix.

These dogs range between $40,000 to $60,000, with some fetching as high as $230,000 or even $400,000, which is not chump change for most people. But that kind of money is chump change for the truly wealthy, “who like the security — and status — provided by a dog with the right credentials.” If you’re gonna protect yourself, why not drop thousands of dollars on something that can also provide companionship to you? After all, dogs are man’s best friends.

One thought on “Schutzhund

  1. Better yet, what about those individuals who spend thousands of dollars to breed tiny little dogs? I’ve known individuals who are always worried their precious little dogs will mate with dogs of slightly larger size out of fear the female dogs would die from pregnancy complications! Then there are the individuals whose dogs are so small that their family members accidentally step on their dogs at nights and break the dogs’ bones. A couple thousands dollars and several weeks of surgery later, their dogs are now permanently handicapped. And don’t get me started on those puppy mills!

    Are we running out of things to conspicuously consume that we must now harm our dogs to make our human friends jealous? Seems like it to me.

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