A World Without Hate

“Yes, Mark Stroman did a horrible thing, and he brought a lot of pain and disaster, sufferings in my life. But in return I never hated him.” – Rais Bhuiyan

I wanted to share Rais Bhuiyan’s story because I think where may others woudl have shown vengance and retaliation, he showed compassion and forgiveness. Shortly after the September 11 attacks, Mr. Bhuiyan was shot in the face by Mark Stroman. The victim of a hate crime, Rais Bhuiyan had “several surgeries” after Stroman shot him in the face. As a result of the attack, Mr. Bhuiyan lost his vision in his right eye, and when news of it reached his parents back in Bangladesh, his father “suffered a stroke.”

Mr. Bhuiyan’s “faith in Islam” is ultimately what helped him forgive Mark Stroman for his crimes. In the wake of the attack, Rais Bhuiyan has started an organization called Worth Without Hate in order “to educate others about hate crimes as a means of preventing them.” The world, and those who try to conquer it, can definitely learn a lot from Rais Bhuiyan.

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