Defecting Syria

What if you were an officer in the military and told to shoot unarmed protestors? For one man, he found it difficult to do, so he decided to defect from his country rather than hurt innocent people. Meet Wasid (his name has been changed to protect his family). I read about him here. He used to be in the Syrian military but decided to defect from it because he didn’t appreciate how the government lied to him.

The official rhetoric he was told was completely different from what he actually observed. Wasid was told not to shoot “at men carrying guns” because they were obviously on his side. But if someone was unarmed, that person was fair game. Unlike the officers barking out these orders, Wasid had a conscious, so he decided not to shoot unarmed protestors because “we are soldiers and soldiers do not shoot civilians.” It’s quite obvious Wasid is more familiar with the Geneva Conventions than his military superiors, who, by the way, are guilty of war crimes if that is the case.

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