Long-Distance Polar Bear

It may not be the sexiest of topics, but I do certainly think it’s one worth discussing. This article from the Associated Press (AP) details how there may be a correlation between polar bear survival rates and the distance they have to swim.

The issue is important because diminishing sea ice, which is important to their hunting, is leading some female polar bears and their cubs to swim further distances to hunt ringed seal pups. As a result of the longer-distance swims, some polar bear cubs do not survive or some bears lose “precious calories” during the arduous trek.

The AP article doesn’t introduce the topic of global warming as a possible cause of the deteriorating sea ice.

Last winter, I questioned why there was no discussion of global warming when it came to the very extreme cold weather that hit the United States. There were those who suggested that the Earth goes through these extreme phases when it comes to weather, and that we just happen to be in the middle of one.

Why is it that global warming is not at least brought up during the news reports? Shouldn’t there at least be an open forum to discuss it as a possible reason for the extreme weather or the reason why our sheets of ice are melting quickly?

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