Vang Thi Mai

I recently learned about a woman named Vang Thi Mai after my friend Xuan forwarded this article to me about her.

Ms. Vang helps rescued victims of sex trafficking by welcoming them back to their village in Lung Tam with opern arms when a majority of the villagers have shunned them. She has provided a place for the women to work–through her textile cooperative–which has given the women a new hope in life.

Her advice to the women regarding the irrational social ostracism they face? “I said to them that when they would be able to earn money, to live on their own and to care for others with their earned money, the town would have to change their thinking.”

I think it’s a wonderful that these women, who are the victims and not the offenders in these human rights violations, have someone to whom they can turn who is helping them in restoring their lives.

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