Grave Concerns in Kashmir

Most people probably know the name Kashmir from the Led Zeppelin song, but that’s not the reason I bring up the topic of Kashmir today. Rather, the reason for mentioning it is this disturbing story regarding the recent discovery of mass graves containing the remains of over 2,100 bodies “in the mountainous regions of Indian-held Kashmir (IHK).”

Amnesty International also covered this story, calling on the government in that region “to initiate thorough investigations into unmarked graves throughout the state.”

Should we be surprised at all at the discovery of these graves? Not if we are to believe this report from Human Rights Watch urging the newly formed Jammu and Kashmir government to calling for “an independent, transparent, and time-bound commission to investigate allegations of enforced disappearances.”

In order to bring justice to the victims and to prevent future atrocities like this one from happening, the governments of India and Jammu and Kashmir should conduct a thorough investigation and put a stop to those individuals responsible for this heinous attack on human rights.

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