Ending the Gestation Crates

I haven’t written much when it comes to animals rights. With the exception of a couple of stories, most of my writing is focused solely on human rights. I decided to write something regarding Smithfield Foods’ terrible treatment of pigs after receiving an email asking me to sign this petition.

If you are a fan of McDonald’s, you may have a change of heart after reading about Smithfield Foods, the main supplier of pork products to McDonald’s.

The petition is a result of the findings from a Humane Society of the US investigation that was conducted about a year ago regarding how pigs are treated at the Smithfield Foods’ farms.

The pigs are kept in something called gestation crates, which are so tiny the pigs have no room to move in them. So what is a pig to do? Well, “they engage in repetitive behaviors like bar biting and head swaying — sometimes injuring themselves in the process.”

The way in which we treat animals is a direct reflection on our society on how we treat our fellow human beings. While I understand there are farms that raise animals for human consumption, I find it discouraging that our society treats these animals so cruelly.

If McDonald’s is serious about ending the use of these gestation crates, it can use its influence to put pressure on Smithfield Foods to end this practice and start treating the animals there more humanely. Until then, I’m not lovin’ it.

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