Vietnamese Day of Amnesty for Two Nguyens

With August coming to a close, the Vietnamese government will be releasing 10,000 prisoners on September 2nd as part of Vietnam’s “annual independence day amnesty.”

Unfortunately, two seriously ill human rights prisoners won’t be benefiting from this annual amnesty. They are Nguyen Van Hai, aka Dieu Cay, and Father Nguyen Van Ly.

It is reported Nguyen Van Hai’s wife was told he had lost an arm, with “his current whereabouts and health conditions” being unknown.

What were Mr. Nguyen’s crimes? He co-founded a club that promotes “freedom of expression and independent journalism.” Yes, that is a definitely a serious threat to the public.

While in prison, Nguyen Van Ly suffered three strokes and requires “continuing medical treatment for his serious health problems.”

What were Father Nguyen’s crimes? Well, he conducted the atrocious acts of a “peaceful campaign for religious freedom, democracy and human rights,” while “issuing a manifesto calling for peaceful struggle to establish human rights and democracy in Vietnam.” I know what you are thinking. He is a serious threat towards society with his radical way of thinking. Imagine it. Engaging in peaceful methods of progressive change is always harmful… to the government.

We are still a couple of days away from Vietnam’s day of independence. If the government truly believes in issuing credible releases on grounds for reasons of amnesty, then both Mr. Nguyens will be among the prisoners released, so they can seek the proper medical treatment they need badly.

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