The Day San Diego Went Dark

For one night, San Diego County performed an all acoustic set, leading to the shutdown of the San Onofre power plant.

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday all of San Diego County–with parts of Orange County and Tijuana–lost power around 3pm PST after a little mishap from an electricity worker in Yuma, AZ contributed to the chain reaction of events that left roughly 4 million people without electricity. But as always the case, life is returning to normal for everyone in SoCal.

I snapped the following picture driving home last night when I approached an intersection with flashing traffic lights. As you can see, the power was still out to the surrounding area.

On the way down to one of my meetups, I noticed traffic on the city streets came to a screeching halt since everyone had to stop at each intersection because most of, if-not-all, the traffic lights were flashing or did not have power to properly direct traffic. The freeway wasn’t too bad, but some off ramps were backed up due to the lights not functioning.

Most businesses shut down for the day and as night approached, darkness surrounded the county, which seemed eerie because I have never seen the entire county without lights radiating from it.

Somehow, though, we all survived judgment day once power slowly restored itself and brought the county back to life. Sadly, there were some casualties as my friend informed me that some of her koi became innocent victims of the power outage. May they rest in peace.

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