We Are Troy Davis

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog entry. Earlier tonight, the state of Georgia executed murdered Troy Davis, a man who maintained his innocence of killing an off-duty police officer back in 1989 to the very last moment the state took his life, at approximately 11:08 pm eastern time. The US judicial system completely failed Mr. Davis by ignoring key issues such as witnesses recanting their testimonies and the lack of physical evidence tying Mr. Davis to the crime. Georgia put to death a man who was probably innocent of the crime of which he was convicted.

We can’t bring Troy Davis back, but we can make sure the injustice that befell him does not happen to another human being by abolishing the death penalty. Before he was killed, Mr. Davis said the state can take his body, but they cannot take his spirit. I hope we certainly keep his spirit alive and prevent another wrongful execution from taking place in the US ever again. I would like to take a moment to thank Amy Goodman and the Democracy Now! team for their coverage of Troy Davis’s murder.

Rest in peace, Troy Davis.

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