Defining Trung

I decided to end September 2011 on the funnier side of life. A couple of my coworkers brought to my attention a website called Urban Dictionary. If you haven’t heard about this website, it allows readers to submit definitions for terms one may hear on the street and may not otherwise find in a standard dictionary; in other words, it’s the people’s dictionary.

In addition to allowing searches on “street lingo,” Urban Dictionary also allows users to search their names. My coworkers thought it would be fun to search for their names, including mine. There were plenty of definitions for my name, but the one that stood out from the others was the first one as defined by a user named Tracee. She defines Trung as “a sexy lil rice boy with a nice, firm ass.”

And how does one use Trung in a sentence according to her? Well, here are some examples:

“Damn! He’s looking so trung.”
“That trung is SO hot right now!”
“Oh it’s another trung from Springvale.”

So there you have it in a nutshell. If you are curious, visit Urban Dictionary in order to define yourself. Goodbye, September, and hello, October!

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