When Principals Attack

If you were the principal of a school, and a student wanted to a start an alliance consisting of both gay and straight students as a way to quell bullying towards gay students, what would be your response?

Well, you could take the high road and support these actions from such young minds that promote tolerance, acceptance and progressiveness. Or you could take the low road by physically confronting said student shortly after excoriating him as he was taking an exam.

It looks like the American Civil LIberties Union (ACLU) has become involved since the low road course of action was taken after a student at Sequoyah High School, Chris Sigler, accused the principal, Maurice Mosler, of confronting and assaulting him as he was taking an exam in one of his classes.

Apparently, Mr. Mosler didn’t appreciate Mr. Sigler’s “peaceful demonstration” in hopes of starting a gay straight alliance club. When petitions from students were met with resistance, Mr. Sigler decided to take matters into his own hands by wearing a shirt with the words “gay,” “straight,” and “alliance” on the back of it.

If the accusations are true, then Mr. Mosler has overstepped his position of authority in this matter, in which case a thorough investigation needs to be conducted. Students should have the right to promote peace towards each other. We have enough violence in this world. Addressing a way to end it should be encouraged, not discouraged.

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