Vietnam Says Good-Bye to Javan Rhinos

If you ever wanted to travel to Vietnam to see a Javan rhinoceros, you may be out of luck. WWF has reported that Javan rhinos are now extinct in Vietnam due to habitat loss and the pernicious activities of poachers killing them for their horns.

This news is certainly sad news as another species has been decimated due to mankind’s reckless activities. Even more sad, the rhino’s extinction could have been prevented had there been adequate law enforcement and effective management set up to protect these once beautiful creatures.

What species will soon join the Javan rhino on Vietnam’s extinction list? They include: the tiger, Asian elephant, and “endemic species like the saola, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey and Siamese crocodile.”

In other news related to Vietnam and its environment, the Vietnamese government is working with the Japanese government to build Vietnam’s first nuclear power plant. Let’s just hope another accident like Fukushima doesn’t take place in Vietnam.

Editor’s note: I was sent this link about how a rumor that powered rhino horn cures cancer is what led to the rhino’s extinction. It’s sad that people would believe a rumor that has no scientific credibility. Furthermore, it’s even more sad that someone would start such nonsense in order to profit from it. In the end, ignorance and greed led to the Javan rhinos’ demise.

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