Earthquakes of Days Past

I was told last night about an earthquake that hit the midwestern area of the US–Oklahoma was the epicenter, but it was felt as far as Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. The earthquake was 5.6 in magnitude, so it rattled some nerves, as well as caused some damage. I don’t believe homes and buildings were built with earthquakes in mind, especially in that region; no, I believe engineers there are more concerned about tornadoes when it comes to structural integrity of these buildings.

One of my friends from Kansas City said she didn’t feel the earthquake, so she missed out on her first one ever; although I don’t believe she is in any hurry to experience it because the thought of feeling an earthquake was unsettling to her. I told her not to worry because it was just an earthquake. She thought I was “twisted” for making such a brash comment, then asked me how I could remain so calm about it. For the record, our positions are flipped when it comes to the topic of tornadoes; I still haven’t seen one live, nor am I in any hurry–I still have chills just thinking them.

I guess growing up in California, you become accustomed to experiencing earthquakes, then shrugging them off unless the earthquake is a really violent one. I am not saying they occur daily, but I have felt my fair share of them so they aren’t unsettling to me as they would be for someone who has never been in one.

The last one I remember feeling was one year ago. I was in the bathroom, combing my hair at the time when it happened. The walls of the apartment shook with ferocity, but it was fleeting; perhaps two seconds tops. At first, I shrugged it off, believing my upstairs neighbor was the cause of it. But then I realized there was no way that lady could have caused something with the size and intensity of the earthquake. Later, I contacted several of my friends to confirm that it was indeed an earthquake.

I also recall another time, during my youth, a very intense earthquake, which lasted for several minutes, hit the San Diego area during the night. My mom rushed into my room in a panic to tell me about it–I still find it funny that it was her, and not the earthquake, that woke up. I calmly told her to go back to bed as the walls in the apartment shook like they were jello because everything would be fine. I really didn’t know if it was going to be fine, but I did know I was very sleepy and wanted make my return trip to slumberland.

Yesterday’s earthquake in Oklahoma “was the strongest to hit the state in nearly six years.” I believe it was a sign that we shouldn’t observe daylight savings anymore. Sure we enjoy the benefits of an extra hour now, but we will have to give back that hour in the spring time, which really messes up my sleep even more!

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