Feeling Impoverished

This guest post is courtesy of our friend and contributor Oliver. He wanted to take a break from his studies to discuss the topic of poverty in the US. 

If you are in a really good mood and want to depress yourself into a possible chronic state, then click the following links for the following headlines:

I read each story, so I can provide an overall summary: Things are really, really bad. It’s as if we were in a war, and we were losing. The mainstream media has not been paying much attention. And if it has, it has only been providing coverage for a short period of time. Of course, if we were in a war, the powers that be would obviously and obliviously censor the media to proclaim something other than the truth.

What I find most disturbing is how little is being done to remedy the main problem of poverty. The largest catalyst to poverty is unemployment; it seems a bit obvious but is very important. One can naturally see how no income equals no money.

Employment may not matter anymore. During the last 30 years, there has been a small and steady erosion of the ground that wealth is built on for the lower and middle classes.

The darkest side of all of these reports lead to the conclusion that employment and poverty in some socioeconomic classes are synonymous. The working poor are sometimes more likely to struggle more than the non-working poor.

So what do I say to the employers who employ on the low end, fully knowing that the wage they offer is a poverty-inducing wage? You are all traitors to your own species, manipulating reality for your own sadistic and sociopathic goals.

And what do I say to the millions in poverty? Beware of the betrayal of work.

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