Three in a Row for Which Team?

It’s a lazy and slow Sunday here for me today; it’s also a very warm day–which probably explains why it’s a lazy and slow Sunday–here in Southern California, so I don’t want to exert too much energy considering I want to keep myself as cool as possible.

As I was trolling the interwebs, I went to TSN’s website and read the following headline: Maple Leafs Take on Ducks Looking for Third Straight Victory. The reason the headline stood out to me is due to the dangling modifier. If we are to parse the headline as it stands, one is led to believe the Ducks are the ones seeking their third straight victory, which isn’t true because Anaheim lost to Chicago the other day. Instead, it’s actually Toronto riding a two game winning streak and looking for its third straight victory.

To correct the modification problem, my suggestion would be the following: Maple Leafs, Looking for Third Straight Victory, Take on Ducks. Or even this one: Looking for Third Straight Victory, Maple Leafs Take on Ducks.

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