Staying Positive in the Fight Against AIDS

If you happen to see people wearing red ribbons today but you are not sure why, it’s because these people are supporting World AIDS Day. Its commitment is bringing awareness to this terrible pandemic in order to find a cure, as well as increasing education about it so as to redress any stigmas associated with it.

According to the World AIDS Day website, there are approximately 33.3 million people who are HIV positive, with an estimated 25 million dying from it between 1991 to 2007. With such a high casualty rate and so many more people in danger of becoming victims, all resources to help treat and find any cure are vital.

With that being said, it was a devastating blow to AIDS treatment when “the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria announced it wouldn’t be accepting any grant applications this year” due to a “catastrophic drop in donor funding.”

The loss of these funds will impact many patients who seek these critical treatments. They are beneficial not only in saving lives but also in protecting communities by decreasing the likeliness of HIV transmission according to Dr. Unni Karunakara.

I suppose funding wouldn’t have been stopped if these patients were multinational corporations or too-big-t0-fail banks.

Not everyone is letting this funding damper their spirits though. There are still websites, such as World AIDS Day and this one, that are remaining positive in bringing more education and awareness to AIDS, in addition the following people in this video.


Red ribbon image courtesy of Now Public

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