Lighting up for the Holidays

I attended the 7th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Escondido last night. It was such a fun event where people sang Christmas carols, children played with Legos (which brought back fond memories of my childhood), many ate kettle corn, others decorated cookies, people walked on stilts and a mixture of adults and kids frolicked in snow!

The snow, of course, was imported from a secret location; perhaps one of the local mountains or a giant freezer that stores snow from a snow-making machine that we don’t know about. I heard that it snowed once in Escondido, a city located in North San Diego County for those of you who do not know, many decades ago, but snowfall in this part of the county is rare, much like laying your eyes on a hybrid animal such as a zebra unicorn. Seeing snow again did bring back memories of the two winters I spent in Kansas City, where snow is not uncommon.

After the festivities in Escondido concluded, I drove to this house in San Marcos, a small town also located in North San Diego. One of my coworkers told me about it, so I thought I would stop by it since it was on the way home.

The house, coined Christmas on Knob Hill, is decorated with an elaborate setup of lights and ornaments. I believe it would give most of the houses on Christmas Card Lane a run for their money. The owner of the house was there to greet and welcome all visitors who made a trek to his house for a closer view of his creation, dedication and hard work.

Through the website, I learned that the house attracts 10,000 people annually. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me so I couldn’t take pictures of it, but there are pictures of the house on the website. If you are in the San Diego area for the holidays, you may want to add this house to one of your must see destinations, at night, of course, between 5pm to 9pm!

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