I’m Going Hungry

Well, I just finished watching another great performance by the LA Kings and their anemic offense–they lost to Anaheim 3-2 in the waning seconds of the third period for those of you who are curious.

After adding Mike Richards and Simon Gagne to the team during the offseason, I was certain their offensive offense would improve, but little has really changed since last year. Instead, I’m left scratching my head and wondering if this team is even better than last year’s team, which is scary because last year’s team stumbled into the playoffs only to be eliminated in six games.

After the game ended, I decided to peruse the new tweets that showed up on my Twitter feed. One of the accounts I follow had retweeted a link from the World Food Programme regarding seven facts about climate change and hunger. I wanted to read more into it, so I visited the link here.

If the 200 countries at this week’s COP17 can’t agree on some kind of consensus that addresses policies to reduce climate change–global warming for those of you who are old school–then extreme hunger and food prices could very well join extreme climate events and disasters that become common phenomena on planet Earth.

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