Off With Her Head

It appears that authorities in Saudi Arabia have been reading too much Lewis Carroll because they are issuing punishments similar to the ones handed out by the Queen of Hearts.

The revelation of a woman’s beheading in Saudi Arabia for the crimes of “witchcraft and sorcery” are disturbing to say the least. Saudi Arabia is a country not known for being progressive with women’s rights (it wasn’t long ago that women were fighting a ridiculous law that banned them from driving an automobile), but chopping off someone’s head for a ridiculous claim is mired with absurdity.

Maybe the government or a member of the religious council witnessed this woman cast spells on people or make chairs levitate. Or perhaps the government was trying to silence, as well as make an example of someone who was trying to exercise her freedom to speech or religion or even had the gall to challenge the law prohibiting women from driving a car. We’ll never know because Ms. Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser was executed in a country known not to give defendants legal counsel nor has it provided additional information about Ms. bin Salem Nasser’s charges.

If Saudi Arabian authorities actually believe Amina bint Abdul Halim bin Salem Nasser engaged in witchcraft and sorcery, then they should go off to Wonderland to be with the Mad Hatter; but they should stop taking advice regarding punishment from her royal majesty.

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