Cleaning the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta has become the personal dumping ground for Shell to unload its crude oil as the company announced its booboo of spilling thousands of barrels of oil off the coast. While the spill was not intentional–because let’s face it, lost oil is oil that cannot be sold for a profit–it reeks of human carelessness.

The oil spill, one of the worst in nearly a decade for the African country of Nigeria, has not only devastated the environment but is also wreaking havoc on the people who live there. Shell is downplaying the amount of oil spilt into the Niger Delta with an estimated 40,000 barrels but Environmental Rights Action is claiming the number is much higher due to Shell’s history of being consistently inconsistent in reporting “the amounts and impacts of its carelessness.”

Amnesty International is urging supporters to sign its petition here demanding Shell clean up its mess and stop ruining the people of Nigeria’s lives since the oil has “destroyed their livelihoods, undermined their access to clean water and food, and put their health at serious risk.” Oh yeah, and it’s ruining the environment.

With Christmas just three days away, the best gift Shell can give Nigeria is ceasing its pollution of the environment and ceasing the ruination of so many lives.

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