Hide-And-Go Seek in Syria

It looks like the fun is continuing in Syria as the government is playing hide-and-go seek with detainees, who have been arrested for working “with journalists, or were defectors, or involved in protests,” by hiding them from international monitors.

A Syrian security officer in Homs told Human Rights Watch that after the government signed the Arab League protocol on December 19 he received orders from his prison director to assist with an irregular detainee transfer. He estimated that on December 21 and 22 approximately 400 to 600 detainees were moved out of his detention facility to other places of detention.

The aforementioned protocol gives monitors, whose jobs involve independently monitoring any crackdowns, protective movement around Syria with the exception to “sensitive” areas, which is where the detainees have been moved.

The Syrian government is conveniently making it inconvenient for monitors to do their jobs properly because it would rather play games than observe human rights.

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