It’s Not Friday

In a move that sounds like it’s being taken from the pages of movie script but not really, the island nations of Samoa and Tokelau are traveling into the future.

While their journeys don’t involve high tech gadgets or doodads, both countries will deprive their citizens of casual Friday, meeting for drinks after work at T.G.I. Friday’s and listening to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song–at least for this week–as they will skip Friday by jumping from Thursday to Saturday when the clock hits midnight on Thursday.

The move has been planned for quite some time and is being done for economic reasons, much like when Samoa shifted “from the western side to the eastern side of the international date line” in 1892 after the U.S. persuaded it to do so in order “to facilitate business with the West Coast and the United States.” But now that most trade is being done with countries who deal with China, Samoa and Tokelau find it makes more sense to return to western side of the international date line in order to be on the same date as the rest of their Pacific trading partners.

These moves sound eerily familiar to something I wrote about another island nation quite some time ago.

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